Women's Circle


Do you crave connection with other women?

Are you longing for a community of women who honor and support each other rather than compare and compete with one another?

Then I invite you to join me and hundreds of women who have discovered the freedom and power that only comes from gathering with other women in a safe and sacred space.

Circle is a judgment-free zone.

We do not commiserate. And we do not offer advice unless you specifically ask for it. What you will find is a supportive, compassionate, and loving space where we honor our authentic selves and speak our truths without fear of alienation or repercussions.

Prepare to feel liberated and empowered like never before. We laugh, we cry, we dance, we meditate, we journal, and we co-create together.

When women gather, magic happens.

No experience needed. Just bring an open heart, a willingness to be vulnerable, and no expectations.

I hope to see you at our next Circle.


“Kristin is the kind of woman I aspire to be like. She uplifts those around her in person or virtually. When I see the post, “Be the kind of woman that fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked,” that would be Kristin. 

Christine LaMoore Andert

 Picture Lady Photography

“I very much enjoy being in Circle with Kristin. Because of her ability to establish trust so quickly, I feel comfortable to share and contribute, and I feel the reciprocity of all who attend. In Circle, we are vulnerable and open yet can also just take in and receive as the moment or feeling presents itself. Each sister is honored and given space followed by a “beam” (my favorite) of affirmation and support. You can feel the great energy and love. Kristin leads with such an intuitive ease, skill, and grace that by the end of Circle, we all feel like close friends, and it is tough to say goodbye. “

Michelle Thompson

“What drew me to attend Kristin’s circle was a deep desire for connection with others. I love the feeling of being connected to a group of women who all share the same goals. They speak openly, and I never feel judged. I can be my authentic self.”

Misty Miller

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