Walking on a Beach

Solitary Moments

Taking time to be alone in quiet contemplation is the greatest gift you can give yourself. To just give yourself a moment with no interruptions, no outside chatter, no phone to mindlessly scroll through, no email to answer, no children to fuss over, and no people making demands. Just you and your thoughts, your feelings, your sensations. We think it is self indulgent to spend a moment alone, but it is self nurturing—big difference. When you are quiet and alone, you truly begin to know yourself. And when you know yourself, you know what is best for you. And when you move toward what is best for you, you begin to know joy. And when you know joy, you become the best version of yourself. And when you are the best version of yourself, everyone benefits. So, if you desire to create the best experience for all of those around you, to resonate with the universe for the highest good of all, start by gifting yourself quiet, solitary moments.

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