Chamomile Tea

Ordinary Days

Blessed are the ordinary days. Be grateful for the morning alarm, your cup of tea or coffee, the routine of going to work or just starting your day. Be thankful for the uneventful commute, the ordinary emails, phone calls, and meetings. Enjoy the predictability of your schedule, your child’s nap time, meal times, and play times. Take a moment to appreciate the time walking your dog, going for a jog, or working out at the gym. Revel in the ordinariness of each moment, for life is unpredictable and full of change. You have hours and hours ahead of you, and at any moment your day might go from ordinary to extraordinary. In a blink of an eye you may be laughing with joy or you may be weeping in sorrow or despair. We cannot know what lies ahead. We can plan, we can steer our lives in a direction, but we cannot know what’s around each bend. So, take the time to appreciate each and every moment—especially the ordinary ones.

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