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Welcome! Whether you are already smitten with crystals and their magic or you are curious to know what it is all about, I am so happy to have you here. 

Crystals are fabulous gifts from the Universe.

Not only are they visually pleasing with their colors, patterns, sparkles, flashes of light, and luster, they also provide a powerful way to interact and communicate with the energy in the Universe and within ourselves. 

A crystal is a form of matter that has an extremely well-organized molecular structure. A crystal’s atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in a highly ordered grid pattern which forms a three-dimensional lattice. This lattice gives the crystal a very stable energetic frequency.

All matter is energy. That means that even though we cannot detect it with the human eye, everything is in constant motion. Even something solid, like a wooden table, is vibrating at the microscopic level. Every single thing has its own natural vibration—its own frequency. But events can alter those frequencies. And when frequencies get out of whack, so does the natural state of the object or being. 

Because crystals have an extremely well-organized structure, it is very difficult to knock them out of their natural state of being. And if that happens, they are able to return to their natural frequency very easily.

And therein lies the magic in the crystals.

Let me geek out for a moment here. There is a thing called resonance. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Basically, resonance is the frequency at which an object most naturally vibrates. If one object is placed near another object with the same natural frequency and then set into motion, the other object will also be forced into motion. This demonstrates how one object can have a profound effect on another. (Tuning fork experiment)

It also explains why we gravitate toward something simply because it resonates with us.

Now, I’m going to get a bit more sciency here, but I promise it will be worth it. There is something called entrainment that is important in the scheme of all of this. Entrainment is when there are two or more objects where one has a more powerful vibration than the other(s), and when the more powerful object is placed next to the less powerful, it will cause the less powerful object to step up its game and operate at the higher frequency. (Metronome experiment)

Why is all of this important? Because we, as humans, are not stable.

I mean that in the nicest way possible. We are easily thrown out of whack by stress, toxins, negative thought patterns, the environment, other organisms, the list goes on and on. One way to bring ourselves back to our natural frequency is to entrain with a crystal that resonates with us.

By simply being in the presence of that crystal, we can raise our vibration, come back to our natural frequency, and feel better. How cool is that?!

That is just one way that crystal energy can help us. Crystals can also help us focus our intentions and harmonize with the Universe so we can benefit from the wisdom and magic that is out there all around us. 

I have spent 20+ years studying crystals and how to use them to improve our quality of life. In 2018, I became a certified crystal healer. I use crystals for protection around my home, at work, and on my person to guard against harmful environmental factors, psychic attacks, negative and/or stressful situations, and certain individuals. I use them to improve areas of my life such as relationships, abundance, health, and creativity. I create grids to amplify intentions such as sending love out into the world or bringing in courage or setting goals. I practice crystal healing on myself and others to help align the chakras and assist the healing of the physical body and the auric field. 

Whether you just want suggestions for which crystal to use for a specific purpose, you would like me to help you construct a grid, or you wish to set an appointment for a healing session, I invite you to contact me. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and share my love of crystals.

Crystal Healing Certification for Kristin Denise Walcott
Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy CCP badge


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